What are those values of the old days which, expressed in so many simple gestures, gave meaning to a whole life and nowadays are slowly disappearing? It is being part of something and sharing I am talking about. These are the values which used to make people come together during festivities: the whole family used to be busy decorating the house, preparing the songs and the music, making cakes to spend a happy and peaceful time with the people they loved.
Even though nowadays it is much simpler and less tiring to buy ready made cakes at a store, nothing can compare with the unique and incredibly better taste of the cookie you have prepared with your family and friends.
This is the precious ingredient, our little secret which you will find written in invisible ink on every page of this book to make this Christmas – and all the other days of your year – really unforgettable. This is the reason why I chose to create a book which is not only about cooking but also about decorations and songs, so that all the family may live together every aspect of Christmas and find the joy, the fun and the spirit of sharing that we have been losing.
Are you ready to start this journey 
through the magic world of Christmas?
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What’s inside?

127 Pages

127 Pages.

A lot of interactive pages, full of Christmas spirit!

Info and Guides

Info and Guides.

Charts, guides and icons – more information with one touch!

APhotos and Illustrations

Photos and Illustrations.

Enjoy the high resolution images
and fullscreen gallery!

22 Recipes

22 Recipes.

74 pages full of detailed recipes: appetizer,
italian pasta, cakes and drinks.



Easily and inspiring ways to create Christmas decorations on your own!

Christmas Carols

Christmas Carols.

Play the music and follow the notes:
let’s sing all together!

Let’s take a look!

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